China Environmental Protection Standards Administration (China EPSA)

What We Can Do

    We could provide the following services:

  • We can help to put your advetisements in our website for your sales promotion into China market;

  • * We are specialized to provide service to internatioanl companies who are doing business in China or intend to do business in China. We have extensive experience in managing business development, sales, marketing, sourcing, purchasing, logistics and human resources in China;
    * We have firmly established its business presence and connections in China and concentrates its efforts in the environmental market area.
    * We have concluded many contracts in last a few years to promote environmental engineering services for its international clients, which include:

    o Service Agreement
    o Manufacturing Licenses
    o Know-How Transfer Agreements
    o Sales of manufacturing units and systems
    o Establish business presence in China which include:

    o Apply for approval of setting up a representative office in Shanghai
    o Apply for business registration upon receipt of the approval permit
    o Complete all post-registration formalities
    o Including tax, customs and foreign exchange registration
    o Hire local employees
    o Complete staff registration process
    o Manage day-to-day operation of representative office in Shanghai, China

    * Deploy proactive business development efforts targeting decision makers in the key client accounts;

  • Provide standardization technology consulting and information services in the field;
  • Actively introduce international standards and foreign advanced standards to the country and enterprises , plan and supervise the implementation of the relevant standards;
  • Arrange for the representatives and experts of enterprises to participate in international standardization meeting and investigation of advanced foreign enterprises annually;
  • Accept commission to undertake or join in making national standards , industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards in the field. And undertake the certification of standard level;
  • Provide relevant national and foreign standards in the field, with complete SAC/TC275/SC1 standards files;
  • Provide national standards and industry standards in the field.